Mindful Yoga Education 2021-22

*** Integrating mindfulness and compassion into yoga practice ***
Mindful yoga is a way of Being with your practice

Mindful yoga modules 1 and 2

50 hr training 3 weekends, non-residential training

In the first module of training we will explore the fundamentals of mindfulness practice, and how it is integrated into yoga asana and movement. This will cover the major elements involved in Mindful yoga. There will be some practice every day with an emphasis on theory and learning.

Weekend 1: October 22-24
Weekend 2: November 5-7
Weekend 3: November 26-28

Place: Oslo Yoga studio

Weekend Schedule:
Friday 16:30-19:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00 Sunday 10:00-16:00.
+ 3.5 hrs homework


  • Weekend #1: Fundamentals of Mindfulness and Compassion 
    Mindfulness; definition, history, and science
    3 principles of mindfulness
    The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
    The Attitudes of mindfulness
    Right Effort and the Middle Way
    Loving-kindness and Compassion
  • Weekend #2: Therapeutic Elements of Mindful Yoga
    Therapeutic applications of mindfulness and yoga, overview
    The origins and nature of suffering
    Befriending the body and emotions; self-kindness
    Calming the nervous system, stress relief
    RAIN method; Recognize and Acceptance
    Meeting with difficulty and pain
    Cultivation of positive states; taking in the good
  • Weekend #3: Insight and Awakening in Yoga
    The ultimate medicine of awareness
    Being Present; learning to Stay
    Mindful inquiry, observation and the Witness
    Skillful action; responding vs. reacting
    Making wiser and more compassionate choices
    Insight into the nature of things; dissolving illusion
    Vipassana; developing insight/prajna
    Effortless mindfulness and awakening

50 hr training

In the second module of training we will place more emphasis on exploring how to put the theory into practice by experiencing it ourselves, and teaching it to others. There will be a review of the elements learned in module 1, with more time in the practice and how to teach different forms of Mindful yoga. We will go deeper into posture practice, and how it can be more meditative and healing. This module will also provide you with the tools for teaching Mindful yoga, or integrating mindfulness into your own yoga style. To finish, we will create our own yoga routine, and present a short class.

Week 4: February 18-20
Week 5: March 11-13
Week 6: March 25-27

Place: Oslo Yoga studio

Weekend Schedule:
Friday 16:30-19:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00
Sunday 10:00-17:00
+ 3.5 hrs homework

  • Weekend #1: Asana practice in Mindful yoga
    Asana Practice; how to practice mindfully
    Befriending the body, learning to listen
    Heating and Cooling, Tension and Release
    How to sequence and structure Mindful yoga classes
    Integrating movement as meditation
    Asanas and sequences to use
    Finding your soft edge
  • Weekend #2: Meditation in motion
    Integrating the breath into practice
    Embodied mindfulness
    Awakening to all the senses
    Long holds and fluid motion
    Using an anchor for the attention
    Releasing the breath, natural breathing
    movement as meditation
  • Weekend #3: Mindful yoga, mindful life
    Yoga as a path
    Mindful yoga principles off the mat
    Self-discovery instead of Accomplishment
    Developing your own practice
    Creating your own yoga routine


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October 22, 2021 - March 27 2022

Both online (Zoom) and in-studio!

The Mindful yoga training is a continuing education program on how to integrate mindfulness and compassion as therapeutic and transformational elements into yoga practice. In this training, we emphasize the wisdom aspect of the yoga and mindfulness traditions, exploring how to transform suffering into greater freedom and self-awareness. The entire 100hr Mindful Yoga training runs over 6 weekends and is divided into two modules at 50 hours each, which can be taken separately.

This Mindful yoga program is beneficial for:

  • anyone who wishes to deepen their own experience of meditation and yoga as tools for transformation, healing, or self-realization
  • yoga teachers who aim to use mindfulness and compassion elements in their classes
  • Mindfulness/ MBSR instructors or students who want to learn more about how to bring yoga into their teaching or practice.

Mindful yoga is founded in the contemplative practices of the Buddhist and yoga traditions and informed by modern research in neuroscience, psychology, and physical therapy. In the most time-proven and scientifically verified methods, Mindful yoga is an effective way to access deep relaxation and meditation states using the breath and body, understand the sources of unhealthy stress in the system, transform psychological suffering through working with the emotions, and re-program negative patterns of thinking or behavior into the freedom of making positive, conscious choices.

You will learn:

  • To embody a present-moment, heart-centered yoga practice
  • How to practice and teach mindfulness and compassion meditation
  • Mindfulness; its history, benefits, science, and methodology
  • To manage chronic stress, pain, depression, and anxiety
  • The basics of Buddhist psychology in relation to yoga asana
  • To understand the roots of psychological distress and suffering
  • How to design and sequence Mindful yoga classes or home practice
  • How to work with difficult emotions or negative habits
  • To develop loving-kindness for increased happiness and connection
  • How to achieve greater clarity, wisdom and insight