About me

I am a teacher and artist on the path to awakening my own inner peace and wisdom to help create a more balanced society in harmony with nature.

My own spiritual journey over the decades has culminated into a method of teaching that I call Mindful yoga, a secular way of integrating mindfulness, compassion, and yoga into an open hearted and embodied awareness practice. I have developed a visionary style of art that has become a way to express this awakening and inspire a remembrance of our higher potential, through a modern illustration of divine archetypes, deities, and goddesses.

I am also a gardener, activist, and poet. I was born and raised in Oregon, then moved to Norway to raise my son, Bodhi.

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“I met Jonathan Weber in 1992 and even then, in his late teens, he was an adept meditator and yoga practitioner. I am delighted that he is teaching and sharing his wisdom, insights and skill with others.”

Ani Tsering Chodron Buddhist nun, teacher

“Jonathan Weber’s lifetime of dedication to spiritual study and creative living has brought him to this point of being an authentic teacher of yoga and meditation. This is his milieu, the world of consciousness, and he has much to offer in the way of helping others to find that space of mindfulness.”

Dr. Steve Koc chiropractor, owner Riverfront Wellness Center, author

“Jonathan is a person of real wisdom, great integrity, loving-kindness, empathetic compassion, genuine peace and cheerfulness. Anyone working with Jonathan as a colleague or client will be a fortunate beneficiary of these and other qualities that he so beautifully shares.”

Timothy Conway PhD, spiritual teacher, adult education instructor, counselor, author

“Jonathan spreads security, calmness, and depth into the field. A warm presence, and a mindfulness that is compelling and inspirational. His knowledge and experience are integrated.”

Gunn E. Frøseth health educator, gestalt therapist, therapeutic yoga and mindfulness instructor

“Jonathan isn’t just a teacher of the Path, he is a presence that embodies it.”

Peter Moore founder/director Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center, publisher Alternatives Magazine

“Jonathan Weber is one of the sincerest practitioners and teachers arising from his generation. Having met him in his early 20’s, I was impressed by his depth of realization at such a young age, which over time has more fully ripened. To be in his calm presence, share in his skillfulness with teaching conscious movement or mindfulness insights, will only be of great benefit for those seeking genuine guidance.”

Jeffrey Page founder EDGU (evolutionary spinal maintenance program), Founder COCO retreat center, author

“I have known Jonathan since he was a young man. At 19 years old he was already a bright spirit, artist, and spiritual seeker. He came to live and work with me at Cloud Mountain Retreat to explore living and working in spiritual community, to paint and to deepen his practice of meditation. Jonathan has continued his spiritual quest, his training and has kept his passion for yoga, art, and meditation throughout his life. It has been my great pleasure to watch this young man develop as a spiritual seeker and true human being. He has become a person steeped in love, practice, wisdom, energy, purposeful intent, and grace, and through it all he has cultivated and retained a sense of joy, compassion, insight and humility. I see Jonathan as a light worker and healer in an otherwise frenetic and unsettled world. His presence and offering of yoga, meditation and art are a gift. May his sharing these gifts of spirit and love be a benefit to all beings.”

Dhammadasa (David Branscomb) founder/director Cloud Mountain Retreat Center, Reiki Master, Black Belt martial artist