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As my first encounter with Jonathan, I experienced his depth of wisdom and confident instruction as greatly comforting and supportive, not to mention immensely inspiring!

Virgil Cameron

Jonathan is one of the kindest persons I have met in my life, so much empathy. A brilliant yoga therapist with a wonderfully calm voice.


Jonathan teaches with a presence, warmth, and tenderness that makes it easy to find deep relaxation and land in the heart. He has a natural wisdom and grounding that really nourishes the soul.

Maria Sørlie

Jonathan is warm and gentle, and he holds the space and group so comfortably. I have thoroughly enjoyed his retreat. It was both a healing and an inspiring experience. I highly recommend a retreat like this to anyone.


Jonathan is so steady, comfortable, and secure. He has a great voice that makes the guidance comfortable and safe.

Kristin Hovden

Jonathan is an excellent teacher who guided us softly and respectfully through the exercises, creating a safe and warm atmosphere for everybody.


The teacher’s lifetime experience and focused attention gives a well-rounded example of taking care and supporting oneself. I feel deeply nourished, rested, and content.